This project is no longer active.

Electric Fuel has been at the forefront of zinc-air electrochemistry R&D since its earliest days, when company experts invented a novel zinc-air storage concept for use in solar energy.

This expertise was parleyed into global zinc-air EV solutions incorporated into zero-emission vehicles demonstrated on the streets of North America and Europe. The company’s EV achievements broke all previous records for power density, range, and ease of refueling under rigorous urban conditions.

Additional research resulted in the earliest power packs and portable chargers for hand-held devices.

Electric Fuel’s zinc-air military batteries – for mobile ground troops as and communication devices – became standard issue for the US armed forces in Iraq.

In the recent past, the company’s R&D efforts focused on rechargeable Zinc-Air alkaline solutions.  This was supported by the TEPS (Transportation Electric Power Solutions) consortium, established by Israel’s Ministry of Economy’s Office of the Chief Scientist.

Presently we are not active in the R&D and production of ZA batteries.

For a detailed chronology of Electric Fuel’s achievements in zinc-air research and development, click here.