Incorporated in 1990, Electric Fuel has produced everything from massive (1.5 ton) fuel cells for electric vehicles, to emergency cellphone batteries weighing less than three ounces.

[timeline class=”p { font-size: 100%; }”][timeevents datetime=”1990″ year=”1990″ text=”Electric Fuel activity initiated to develop large format Zinc-Air” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left” class=”p { font-size: 10px; }”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”1990″ year=”1993 ” text=”Electric Fuel’s EV technology chosen by Deutsche Post for use in electric delivery vans.” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”1994″ year=”1994″ text=”Initial public offering of Electric Fuel Corporation on NASDAQ (EFTX).” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”1996″ year=”1996″ text=”Launch of EV fleet and regeneration facility for Deutsche Post, Bremen, Germany” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”1996″ year=”1996″ text=”Introduction of water-activated survivor locator lights for aviation and marine life-vests” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2001 ” year=”2001 ” text=”Launch of INSTANT POWER™ – batteries and chargers for hand-held devices” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2002″ year=”2002″ text=”Electric Fuel in the USA becomes sole supplier of Zinc Air batteries to the US Army” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2003 ” year=”2003 ” text=”Electric Fuel Corporation changed its name to Arotech Corporation (ARTX). Electric Fuel Ltd. continued as a wholly-owned subsidiary” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2003 ” year=”2003 ” text=”US Department of Transportation demonstrates EFL’s Zinc-Air electric passenger bus in Las Vegas and Washington DC.” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2004″ year=”2003 ” text=” Arotech ARTX purchases Epsilor, producer of portable power solutions” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2011 ” year=”2011 ” text=”Epsilor and Electric Fuel merge, forming Epsilor-Electric Fuel Ltd, with facilities in Dimona and Beit Shemesh, Israel and Auburn Alabama” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2014″ year=”2014″ text=”Arotech acquires UEC, South Carolina-based supplier of energy and electricity solutions.” icon=”arrow-right” direction=”right”]
[/timeevents][timeevents datetime=”2015″ year=”2015″ text=”Electric Fuel Alabama facility is relocated to UEC facility in South Carolina.” icon=”arrow-left” direction=”left”][/timeevents][/timeline]