Mobile medical devices require batteries that combine high energy and power density with outstanding reliability and safety.

Electric Fuel designs, develops and manufactures battery packs and chargers that match or exceed our customers’ requirements and international regulatory standards. We have recently passed the Medical Device Quality Standard Audit for ISO-13485.

Our medical batteries are found in mobility aids, as well as advanced technologies in the fields of oncology, respiratory therapy, orthopedics, nephrology and emergency medicine.

We offer standard batteries and chargers in addition to working with our customers to develop and manufacture custom made battery solutions to meet requirements for battery size, shape, power, longevity and stability under extreme conditions.

Electric Fuel saves lives, by providing medical devices with the portable power and energy management systems needed in both hospital- and emergency-care settings.

Healthcare applications include:
  • Life-saving mobile devices
  • Patient-worn therapeutic devices
  • Hand-held devices for metered medicine delivery
  • Portable, long-life ventilators
  • Power storage and distribution systems for medical carts and mobile workstations!
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Healthcare applications include:
Standard medical batteries
Off-the-shelf Batteries
Custom batteries
Universal & Custom Chargers
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