Electric Fuel’s manufacturing division has a worldwide reputation for excellence.  Supervised by veteran engineers, and staffed by a production team made up of highly-trained technicians –  Electric Fuel’s manufacturing division gives its OEM clients the benefit of over 20 years experience in fulfilling the most exacting mobile power demands.

All members of the production team are familiar with documented procedures and quality demands for each product, in addition to the specific customer’s intended use of the finished product.

The development engineers and process engineers work hand-in-hand with the production team ensuring that every product conforms to the requirements of Electric Fuel’s quality system as well as customer demands.

Whether building custom rechargeable batteries according to spec, or designing products that support the requirements of novel applications, Electric Fuel’s production team has the experience, the know-how and the advanced equipment required to bring portable power ideas quickly and reliably to market.

Electric Fuel is a certified Panasonic Lithium Pack builder. Its manufacturing facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art Samsung SMT and Solder Paste infrastructure, as well as a wide range of Ultrasonic welding devices for plastic and metal closures. Our facilities boost a wide range of manually operation as well as automatic pneumatic tools. Electric Fuel houses several production halls, five laboratories, a workshop and warehouse.

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