Electric Fuel’s marine grade smart batteries offer four times more energy than traditional lead acid batteries of a similar size, thousands of charging cycles and seven to ten years of operational life, and an extended 5-year warranty.

Our range of 12V, 24V and 48V marine batteries is used in some of the most demanding  marine applications in the world, such as the flying catamaran boats of   teams, some of the race boats, and many other yachts that cross oceans and circle the earth.

The same battery technology, with its outstanding performance and quality, is available for all boat users, whether these boats are e-boats, yachts, fishing boats, professional boats or naval boats.

Supporting parallel and serial connection, these batteries fit different types of boats:

  • 12V batteries for the majority of sailboats
  • 24V batteries for large sailboats and for special onboard power applications (e.g., thrusters)
  • 48V batteries for e-boats and sail boats electric motors

Originally designed for defense applications, Electric-Fuel’s batteries are highly reliable and robust, meeting strict requirements of vibration, water tightness and shock.


All batteries have standard CANBus communication, to communicate with chargers and boat platforms.

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Electric-Fuel Marine batteries are offered in the following configurations:
  • 12V Batteries
    120Ah / 1,584 Wh, size category G49
  • 24V Batteries
    • 124Ah / 3,130 Wh, size category G49
    • 166Ah / 4,200 Wh, size category 6T
  • 48V Batteries
    • 60Ah / 3,000 Wh, size category G49
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