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Incorporated in 1990, Electric Fuel has produced everything from massive (1.5 ton) fuel cells for electric vehicles, to emergency cellphone batteries weighing less than three ounces.


EF Invents Novel Zinc-Air Storage Concept for Solar Energy

1999 – 2003

Worldwide Zinc-Air Solutions for Electric Vehicles

Tens of thousands of kilometers of on-road EV success – in subcompact cars to 4.8 ton delivery vans – have demonstrated that Electric Fuel’s revolutionary zinc-air fuel cell, which uses commercially-available, low cost zinc, is a robust solution for zero-emission transportation.

In the USA:

  • Successful demonstration of full-size, all-electric, zero-emission passenger bus
    • Specific energy of 200 Wh/kg
    • Eight-hour continuous service
    • Record-breaking range under fully-loaded city driving conditions
    • Rapid anode exchange; freedom from “plug-in-and-wait” recharge
    • Operating costs comparable to standard diesel buses

In Germany:

  • Electric Fuel’s zinc-air batteries served as primary energy source for hybrid cargo vans driving more that 60,000 km in all weather field testing for the German Postal Authority
  • Vehicles serviced at the Electric Fuel regeneration plant in Bremen

In Italy:

  • Electric Fuel EV technology installed in subcompact cars and large vans
  • Establishment of EF anode regeneration plant

In the Netherlands:

  • Passenger van equipped with EF zinc-air batteries demonstrated

In Scandinavia

  • License agreement to establish and operate Electric Fuel infrastructure signed for Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland and Petersburg, Russia

Electric Fuel is a member of TEPS – an Israeli industrial-academic consortium working together to advance EV technologies.


Zinc-Air Applied to Hand-Held Devices

  • Mission-specific chargers and batteries
  • World’s first power bank for charging multiple cellphones, video cameras & personal digital assistants.

2003 – 2019

Zinc-Air Batteries and Chargers for the Military

  • Powerful, lightweight solutions for soldiers on the move
  • Batteries for UAV and MAV platforms
  • High capacity for long missions
  • Specific energy of up to 400 Wh/kg
  • Stable even under direct fire
  • Tens of thousands of units used by US forces in Iraq

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