Custom medical batteries and chargers

Today’s medical technologies have exacting requirements for battery size, shape, power, longevity, or stability under extreme conditions. Electric Fuel’s customized batteries, chargers and power management systems meet this challenge with:

  •  Contain the most advanced cells from leading global manufacturers
  • Cell selection that meets specific energetic and format requirements
  • Custom electronic circuits for special performance and formats
  • Design for special environmental requirements: sealed batteries
  • (IP67), compliance to special electromagnetic requirements, high temperature resistance (+130°C) and more
  • High energy density up to 250Wh/kg
  • High current up to 5C
  • “Hot swap” and back-up power management with exceptional reliability for life support systems and  other applications

We work with our customers to develop and manufacture custom made battery solutions to meet requirements for battery size, shape, power, longevity and stability under extreme conditions.

Our products can be found in hospital, ambulatory and home-based products in the fields of oncology, respiratory therapy, orthopedics, nephrology, mobility aids and emergency medicine.

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