Battery technology seminars in Italy draw much interest

Epsilor Electric Fuel held two professional seminars in Milan and Rome in May, which draw much interest from participants.

The two seminars presented the latest developments in the battery industry and were attended by representatives of large Italian conglomerates, industry professionals, engineers and academics.

The seminars, which were held together with consultancy firm Shmuel De-Leon Energy, were specifically tailored for system engineers and product and development managers in the defense, aerospace, automotive, industrial electronics, medical devices and IoT industries.

Speakers at both events explained how rechargeable lithium batteries are changing our world and how this will influence defense, transportation, medical and industrial electronics markets within several years.

Attendees had a chance to hear from industry professionals on battery electrochemistry, performance and features, as well as about high profile case studies and economic forecasts.

The lectures also dealt with battery chargers, battery design process and energetic optimization. Special sessions were devoted to military and aerospace batteries.

After lunch attended got a chance to get better acquaintance with battery management systems (BMS) and heard about the latest in battery safety.

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