Solar/Wind Power Generator (50-200w Output Power)

24/7 Power to electronic equipment in sites with no utility power

  • 1/5th the weight*
  • 1/5th the size*
  • 5 times longer life*
  • Remote monitoring

*Compared to standard Lead/Acid solutions.

Designed to supply DC power 24/7 to outdoor electronic equipment at off-grid sites with no utility power. An excellent solution for rural or urban sites with limited access to grid power.
Electric-fuel’s ESG is an innovative and efficient solar/wind power generator leveraging Electric-fuel’s highly advanced and safe Lithium maintenance free battery technology.

  • Quiet, safe and reliable operation in heavy dust, rain and snow
  • Compact fan-less design utilizing free air convection for cooling
  • Efficient MPPT charging algorithms to harvest maximum power
  • Remote monitoring using SMbus or Ethernet port
  • Real-time monitoring and control
  • Modular – add 50W modules as required up to 200W
  • Compact pole/wall mounted system
  • Designed to blend into the environment when mounted on streetlight poles
  • Compatible with all standard 50-350W 17/36V solar panels and wind turbines
Lithium Battery
  • Lithium batteries designed with MIL-SPEC safety features
  • Operates in extreme temperatures 0°C to 50°C
  • Maintenance-free
  • 1500 cycles (5 years)
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Input Voltage 5-60VDC any size panel 17V / 36V11.25V
Current (Typ.) 4-8A
Recommended solar panel 1 X 250W 2 X 250W 3 X2 50W 4 X 250W
ESG48V/50W ESG48V/100W ESG48V/150W ESG48V/200W
Output power 50W 100W 150W 200W
Output voltage 52 – 39 VDC (optional : 110/230 VAC)
Output Max current 6A 12A 18A 24A
Battery Lithium Ion
Solar/wind Controller Advanced MPPT
Communication SMbus communication protocol
Optional: Ethernet communication
Alarms & data Remaining backup time, Number of cycles, AC Fail, Overload, Over temperature, Replace battery
ESG48V/50W ESG48V/100W ESG48V/150W ESG48V/200W
Capacity 32.5Ah 65Ah 97.5Ah 130Ah
Charging power 180W 360W 540W 720W
Operational life 5 years / 1500 discharge cycles
Battery protection Under/over voltage
Under/over current
Short circuit
Charge time (min) 6 hours
Ambient temperature 0~ +50°C
Optional: Heating mechanism for operation below 0°C
Humidity 20 ~ 95% RH non-condensing
Storage Temp Recommended 20ºC. 10 ~ 95% RH
Standard CE (for power supply), UL-1642 (for battery cell), UN38.3 (for battery transportation)
ESG48V/50W ESG48V/100W ESG48V/150W ESG48V/200W
Dimension cm** 65 X 40 X 20 80 X 60 X 30
Weight 20 kg 30 kg 45 kg 55 kg
Interconnection 2 x PG9 Waterproof connectors
Mounting Provision for both wall and pole mounting
 IP Rating IP65
 Cooling Free Convection

Product specifications are subject to change without further notice
** Custom power/size available

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