This project is presently inactive.

Electric Fuel’s research and development team is committed to demonstrating the first rechargeable zinc-air technology for electric vehicles.

In recognition of company achievements related to its road-tested all-electric and hybrid systems for zero-emission transportation, Electric Fuel has been named a key industrial partner in the TEPS (Transportation Electric Power Solution) Consortium (made up of four Israeli universities and four additional firms), which operates under the auspices of Israel’s Chief Scientist Office.

Responsible for promoting the development of electrical sources for EV and testing of these approaches by TEPS, Electric Fuel’s design team is directing a three-year effort to resolve remaining technical challenges preventing Zinc-Air from reaching its full potential in the automotive industry.

Remarkably successful in addressing the problem of water loss, Electric Fuel has already demonstrated an unprecedented 99% level of water preservation in 200W batteries.

Working together with its Consortium partners, Electric Fuel’s future R&D goals include:

  • A gas-permeable selective membrane for water management
  • System-level air treatment for reduced CO2 output
  • Proof of at least 50 recharging cycles
  • Development of 160W 500Wh energy source for a demonstrator of hybrid design