Water Activated Emergency Egress Lighting System

Water activated system lights the exit path in event of capsize.

Automatically activates when sensor is immersed in fresh or salt water. Bright white steady light remains on for at least two hours or until reset. Continues to operate while submerged in water, and after removed from the water until reset.

EELS-07 Specifications

Light Intensity: 0.75 candle throughout the upper hemisphere
Light Type: Bright steady white light
Operating Time: minimum 2 hours of full light intensity

Automatic activation upon immersion in fresh or salt water / manual off

Max. Length: 60 mm
Max. Width: 35 mm
Max. Thickness: 31 mm
Cord Length: 36″ and custom lengths
Weight: 70 gr
Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide

  • 1 year limited warranty


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