WAB-H18 – No longer in production

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TSO C85a Survivor Locator Light
  • Works in both fresh water and seawater
  • Attaches easily to all vests and rafts
  • Battery activates automatically in seconds
  • Provides more than 8 full hours of light
WAB-H18 Specifications

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Israel CAA APA C-85a
Quality Assurance: Israel CAA Airworthiness Division

Light Intensity: 1 candle horizontal and vertical (per TSO C-85a)
Working Time: More than 8 hours of full intensity



Activation takes place less than 60 seconds after removal of plugs and immersion of battery in fresh or salt water

Max. Length: 93 mm
Max. Width: 29 mm
Max. Thickness: 16 mm
Cord Length: 18″, 24″, and custom lengths
Weight: 53 gm (± 2) for 18″
Attachment: Attaches to all inflatable life vests and rafts

  • 1 year limited warranty


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